Starlight Children’s Foundation


Every minute of every day a child is admitted to hospital in Australia. For thousands of families this leads the diagnosis of illness that changes their lives forever.

Since 1988 The Starlight Children’s Foundation has delivered a range of programs both in and out of hospital, designed to support the well being & resilience of these seriously ill children and their families by delivering fun, laughter and positive distraction to restore the fun and laughter serious illness takes away. Starlight programs are integral to the total care of seriously ill children and young people – while the health professionals focus on treating the illness, Starlight is there to lift the spirits of the child – giving them the opportunity to laugh, play and be a child again. Starlight’s core programs include Captain Starlight, Starlight Express Rooms, Starlight TV, Fun Centres, Livewire, Wishgranting, Livewire and an Outreach program in the Northern Territory.

To get a better insight into the amazing work that the Starlight Children’s Foundation do, and some of the ways in which your fundraising efforts really can make a difference and brighten the lives of some very special children and their families, please take the time to have a look at the video below.